Think Space Pamphlets

Editorial team: Sanja Cvjetko Jerkovic, Luka Korlaet, Ana Dana Beroš, Lukas Pauer, Adrian Lahoud with Kata Gašpar, editoral executive assistant

2nd Think Space Unconference Edition, Zagreb, February, 2013

The Think Space Programme was pleased to announce its very first Call for Papers,

dedicating itself to critical writing and publishing about architecture in summer 2012. Along with this unique approach in which new forums for thought are created via new design objects, Think Space is for the very first time is leaning on historical discourse that normally takes the form of reflection through writing.

Recent history is an unlikely category, falling in the unfashionable epistemic gap before the contemporary, and after history 'proper'. The Past Forward Call for Papers enters this space by looking back to the recent era, but also much deeper into the history of architecture, aiming to question and problematize notions of originality within architectural discourse. As part of the 2012 cycle of competitions Think Space was calling for Past Forward papers in the following fields of inquiry:

1. Architectural Manifestoes (by an example by rewriting the Futurist Manifesto, Chart of

Athens, or S,M,L,XL);

2. Iconic Architecture (for example by reconstructing Unité d'Habitation, Centre Georges

Pompidou or Yokohama Port Terminal);

3. CityScapes (by an example by replanning Brasilia, Tokyo or Ciudad de Mexico).

Through a vast amount of proposals submitted from researchers, scholars, and

practitioners for the first call for papers of the Think Space Pamphlets, 30 pieces holding

several intriguing topics have been filtered out. The selected papers are being published on Unconference Proceedings CD accompanying the 2nd Unconference brochure and will see to its hard copy edition in summer 2013. 

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