Matters of Concern | Cambridge Galleries, ON


Matters of Concern is RVTR's first solo exhibition of recent work, hosted by the Cambridge Galleries in Cambridge, Ontario. The exhibition is formed around three "matters of concern" developed by RVTR, that engage with the critical forces that will shape our human future, and seek to understand, envision, and project that future. Future Ecologies, speculates as to how design might be a potent agent of change within complex ecological, economic, and social networks and processes. Situated Infrastructures, explores large-scale systems and networks of the urbanized world and proposes ways they can be to re-envisioned to address the demands of the 21st century and beyond. Emerging Inhabitations, asks how new ways of living are being framed by advanced materials and technologies that transform the domestic environment and our relationships within its context.

Typology Exhibition
date 2008
location Cambridge Galleries at Riverside, Cambridge, ON
scale 2,000 sf
scope Solo exhibition of recent work including large scale prints, physical models and multimedia video work.