Office Project | Project Office


Office Project | Project Office is an installation worked concerned with the way in which the nature, experience and effect of space can be manipulated and transformed as a result of a casting, re-materialization and displacement. The host site for Office Project | Project Office is the generic academic office space. Latex is deployed to form a facsimile of the office walls. What was previously a solid assemblage of generic and familiar construction materials has now become a monolithic seamless surface, an uncanny soft space whose enclosing walls become a thin, formless skin. The once banal surfaces have become absurd; walls stretch with gravity and droop to the floor. Quotidian surface details can now be fetishized. The overall effect borders on the threshold of the sublime and the mildly unpleasant. The research was led by Kathy Velikov and funded by the 2006/07 University of Michigan Taubman College Oberdick Fellowship and was published in "Dimensions 21."

Typology Installation
DATE 2007
location Ann Arbor, MI
SCALE 300 sf / 120 sm - 150 sm
scope Latex cast of existing office space and installation within an exhibition


Project Team Kathy Velikov Sole Author


  • Convenience Gallery, Toronto, Ontario: July 22 - August 20 2009
  • University of Michigan Taubman College: March 23 - April 20 2007