Seasons House

Private Residence and Landscape DESIGN

This design for an extended family house and garden is situated on a five acre farm property that consists of an an extended family residence (parents, three children plus a grandparents suite) and also houses a family owned landscaping business and tree nursery operating from the site. The landscape is designed to form an immersive environment capable of both supporting family activities and functioning as a showcase for the capabilities of their practice, allowing for public visitation with minimal disruption of the private realm. The project is conceived of as an immersion into the dynamic shifts in the seasonal changes and diurnal cycles of the exterior environment. The landscape consists of a fabricated topography, one that inscribes boundaries for the residential realm, organizes site circulation and creates a series of spaces varying in size and character capable of supporting a diverse range of events and social activities.

Typology Private Residence and Landscape
date 2005-2006
Location Hamilton, ON
scale 4,800 sf
scope Design Development


Architects Kathy Velikov and Geoffrey Thün (Velikov + Thün Building Studio)
Structural Blackwell Bowick Partnership