Evolo Issue 06: Digital and Parametric Architecture

carlo aiello (editor)

Digital & Parametric Architecture explores the development of the latest digital tools including advance-modeling software and computer aided design in the production of architecture. It is a journey through the most fascinating projects, digitally designed and fabricated, during the second decade of the 21st century. The book highlights the use of these technologies to explore tectonic operations such as sectioning, folding, contouring, and tessellating. A wide variety of projects that range in scale and location offer an insight into the architecture of the future.

Contributors: Benjamin Ball, Philip Beesley, Marcos Betanzos, Francesco Brenta, Dongyan Chen, Brandon Clifford, Raffaello D’Andrea, Cristina Díaz Moreno, Efrén García Grinda, Nataly Gattegno, Mark Goulthorpe, Michael Hansmeyer, Alvin Huang, Lisa Iwamoto, Jason Johnson, Alex Kaiser, Christoph Klemmt, Jan Knippers, Andrew Kudless, Magnis Larsson, Ilona Lénrd, Caroline Littlefield, Xiaodu Liu, Iain Maxwell, Wesley Mcgee, Yan Meng, Achim Menges, Andrew Michler, Kristine Mun, Gaston Nogues, Arthur Olson, Kas Oosterhuis, David Pigram, Steffen Reichert, Benjamin Rice, Craig Scott, Rajat Sodhi, Doris Sung, Ming Tang, Geoffrey Thun, Skylar Tibbits, Kathy Velikov, Dihua Yang.

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