OASE #96


OASE 96 examines the remarkable revival of architectural practices that focus on reuse and appropriation of buildings, environments and materials. To what extent can and will designers engage in this process, and what is the possible positive or negative social impact of these interventions? This issue focuses on case studies, practical experience, critical reflection and ideas that show how architects and urban planners proactively deploy reuse in view of future user opportunities and/or applications. Between the faith in the autonomy of architecture on the one hand and design that centres on the user on the other lies a whole range of practices that address the traditional separation between design and use in a radical way. In this issue, the contrast between design and use is not perceived as an issue that needs to be resolved, but as a productive area of tension within which architecture is created.

Our contribution, Velikov, K., & Thün, G. (2016). Urban Platforms for Appropriation: Protean Prototypes. OASE Journal for Architecture: OASE #96: SOCIAL POETICS _ The Architecture of Use and Appropriation, 96, 98-105 discusses the work of our Protean Prototypes project to propose how an alternative urbanism might emerge from a recombination of agents, technologies, systems and communities, crossbred and networked with other urban catalysts and enterprises - through acts of urban appropriation and design.

Editors of this Issue

Michiel Dehaene, Els Vervloesem, Marleen Goethals, Hüsnü Yegenoglu


Tom Avermaete, Job Floris, Christophe Van Gerrewey, Christoph Grafe, Michiel Dehaene, Klaske Havik, Lidewij Lenders, Bruno Notteboom, Véronique Patteeuw, Hans Teerds,, Hüsnü Yegenoglu

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